Socio-anthropological Field Researcher (Consultancy)


Rainforest Foundation UK


Friday, June 9, 2017

Start Date

Thursday, June 15, 2017

This research aims to observe and document local social and institutional practices and processes relating to the establishment of community forests, and from this to capture learnings and propose best practices and effective methodologies and tools for use in RFUK’s community forests project in DRC.

The study will be based on community-level field research in a number of community forest pilot sites in Equateur province in DRC. It will focus on observing and documenting governance structures, lend tenure and power relations in forest communities, and how these inform and are impacted by the process of applying for and managing a Community Forest.

It will look specifically at the following themes:

  • the inclusion of women and marginalised groups in decision-making;
  • intra-community land disputes and conflicts related to community forest processes, and how / if these can be mitigated;
  • whether there are any emerging weaknesses in DRC’s policy framework on community forestry in relation to the preceding themes.

The research will provide practical guidance to RFUK and our local civil society organisation (CSO) partners in DRC as well as to other practitioners on how to address these issues in community forestry projects. A summary of these learnings will be published for a wider audience of stakeholders interested in community forestry in the Congo Basin.

The first phase of research would be conducted over six months, but it is expected that a second phase would be conducted ideally by the same consultant to document changes at the community level as a result of RFUK’s project.

Please download the complete position description for more information.

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Colin Robertson

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