Research Scholar in Economics of Land-based Mitigation


IIASA Biodiversity and Natural Resources (BNR) Program


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Start Date

Saturday, May 1, 2021

The successful candidate will be modeling the global land use system in the context of ambitious climate stabilization efforts, in line with the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. They will join a team working with the partial equilibrium model GLOBIOM, and further develop and apply this model in the framework of international research and policy projects on the following topics: 

  • Economic land-based mitigation potentials, incl. biomass for bioenergy
  • Interaction between climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation
  • Synergies and trade-offs with the global food system, and with other relevant Sustainable Development Goals around the land-water-energy nexus.


  • Develop new mitigation options and other thematic modules for global or regional analysis in the above domains, incl. data analysis and processing
  • Contribute to methodological and structural development of the GLOBIOM model for better integration with Integrated Assessment Models such as those used in IPCC assessments
  • Review and implement land-based climate change mitigation policies representation in GLOBIOM, and conduct forward-looking analysis, incl. policy impact assessments
  • Publish relevant results in peer-reviewed journals and participate in scientific conferences and workshops
  • Contribute to project deliverables, reports, stakeholder communication
  • In line with the team spirit that prevails at IIASA, the incumbent may occasionally work on other tasks assigned by their superiors, that might not be directly related to this appointment but where the post holder has relevant experience and skills, and/or a shortage of immediate personnel capabilities requires such.