Research Professor in Silviculture


Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Start Date

Thursday, July 1, 2021

About the workplace

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research organisation working to promote bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources. We provide solutions and services to our customers based on best available scientific knowledge. Our research results and services generate added value and sustainability as well as scientific evidence to support decision making. We carry out research on forestry, agriculture, food, game, and fisheries. We also perform statutory services.

Being open-minded and curious and having a strong will to leave a positive mark to the world binds Luke people together. Together we build a positive working culture where each other’s work is highly respected. In Luke, the work assignments are versatile and employees can influence the content of their work. We work in a mobile work culture which gives you the possibility to work from wherever it suits you the best. Luke offers a multidisciplinary international research environment with unique research infrastructures, experimental sites and well-equipped laboratories.

Work tasks

The research area of professorship in forest silviculture involves the basis and methods of forest regeneration and sustainable forest management as well as forest ecology and forest tree physiology. It includes high-quality research of tree seed crops, artificial and natural forest regeneration and young stand treatment supporting sustainable forest management in the boreal region under changing climate and in relation to biodiversity conservation.

The research themes cover:
- forest tree seed crops and seed procurement and requirements for natural regeneration under alternative forest management regimes,
- production of sustainable seed and seedling material and development of cost-efficient regeneration operations (soil preparation, planting, young stand operations) while taking into account environmental and biodiversity aspects,
- dynamics of regeneration and early growth of forests under alternative forest management regimes,
- development of forest management models, decision support tools and practices for forest reproduction starting from seed up to young stand management considering also the whole stand rotation

The research professor also participates in development of national and international research and networks, as well as enhancing cooperation with stakeholders and the dissemination of knowledge.