Postdoctoral Researcher in Global soil conservation, nutrient management and agricultural production


Aalto University


Thursday, June 30, 2022

Start Date

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Project description: The research will be part of the ERC funded research project SOS.aquaterra, led by Associate Professor Matti Kummu. The project aims to identify feasible food system opportunities to meet the future food demand with sustainable use of natural resources. The five-year project develops a novel integrated global food system model to allow us to map different scenarios towards environmentally sustainable and socio-economically feasible food futures.

Main responsibilities: The main objective of the postdoc would be to assess how soil conservation and nutrient management strategies would impact on agricultural production globally, using global scale spatial datasets as well as relevant meta-analyses. The postdoc will need to be able to both work with large datasets (both spatial and tabular) as well as develop novel methods for assessing the potential of soil conservation and nutrient management on various aspects such as agricultural production, erosion, GHG emissions and biodiversity. This analysis will then be integrated to the global food system modelling scheme developed within the project. The postdoc will be working closely with the entire project team of four postdocs and three PhD candidates. The postdoc will collaborate internationally with other research teams, and participate in teaching (~5-10% of time) and instructing PhD and MSc students in Aalto University.