Postdoctoral researcher (2 years) position, on Drivers of Land Use and Land Management at Global Scale


Inrae and CLand Convergence Institute


Sunday, July 31, 2022

Start Date

Saturday, October 1, 2022

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The CLand Convergence Institute is funded by the French national research agency for ten years (2017-2026) gathers the efforts of more than 100 researchers in the Paris Saclay area from key institutions in the field of climate change impacts, sustainable agriculture, ecosystem services, environmental impacts and land use socio-economics. CLand spans the full range of disciplines necessary to make breakthroughs in the integrated assessment of the interplay between climate change and land use and management.

Responsibilities and tasks:

The postdoc position aims to

  • Assess the drivers of land use and land management at the global scale
  • Conduct large scale econometric analysis of the drivers of cropping intensity at global scale
  • Contribute to a review of stylised facts and data on land use and management
  • Contribute to an assessment of the potential for intercropping at global scale