Postdocs in current and future carbon dynamics of the dry tropics


University of Edinburgh


Monday, May 17, 2021

Start Date

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

As part of the SECO project there are several job opportunities available at the University of Edinburgh. The SECO project aims to resolve the current and future carbon dynamics of the dry tropics: more details available here: 

SECO is a 5-year Large Grant funded by the UK NERC that will improve our understanding of key carbon fluxes across the dry tropics. Collaborators from eighteen countries will use data from over 600 dry forest and savanna plots, radar remote sensing and modelling to understand how the vegetation of the dry tropics is changing and why. It is the largest research effort of its kind for the dry tropics, and it aims to determine how the carbon cycle varies across continents and why. SECO will also address longstanding questions on the biogeography and ecosystem function of tropical dry forests and savannas. SECO is a global partnership of 22 organisations including, in the UK, the Universities of Edinburgh, Leeds, Sheffield and Exeter. 

There are 3 x 4-year post-doctoral positions available at Edinburgh, with a focus on 1) geospatial analysis and remote sensing, 2) biogeography, and 3) carbon cycle modelling. A project officer position is also available, which would suit a recent MSc or BSc graduate. Closing dates vary from now to 17 May. 

Please see for more details. Informal queries can be addressed to Casey Ryan ( for geospatial PDRA and project officer), Kyle Dexter ( biogeography PDRA) and Mat Williams ( modelling PDRA).