Postdocs: Counting nature's contributions to people across Canada


Nature Conservancy of Canada


Friday, February 18, 2022

Start Date

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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Come join our cluster of 2-3 postdocs working together in a multi-university-NGO collaboration to map nature’s contributions to people in Canada!! Canada has ambitious conservation goals but national-scale data and the methods to model ecosystem services (ES) that are necessary for monitoring change and prioritizing actions and locations for conservation are largely lacking. Our team of postdocs will work collaboratively with NSERC ResNet, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, multiple universities, and government agencies to explore data and develop models and methods to monitor changes in ES and natural capital at multiple spatial and temporal scales across Canada.

We are currently advertising two postdoctoral positions, and likely looking to add a third shortly. While each postdoctoral project is distinct, there is substantial potential for collaboration and conceptual integration. Thus the postdocs hired will become part of a team working together to tackle these projects. Both positions are one year contracts, with the potential of renewal for a second year, depending on performance.