Postdoc on transdisciplinary research approaches


Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK)


Sunday, November 15, 2020

Start Date

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research (WIMEK) is one of the six Graduate Schools at Wageningen University. WIMEK seeks at developing an integrated understanding of environmental change and its impact on people, society and nature. WIMEK aims to be a front runner in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research approaches.

Your main task over a two-year period will be to strengthen Wageningen University’s position as a globally leading knowledge hub on inter- and transdisciplinary theory and methods in the field of climate and environment. In doing so you will help WIMEK to (1) support staff and students in the design of research projects, and (2) assist in crafting larger collaborative research projects which require transdisciplinary knowledge integration and involvement of partners. Moreover, you will advance the treatment of the theory and method of inter- and transdisciplinarity in our PhD course programme as well as the subject matter of staff trainings.

  • Make an inventory of the most important research approaches (real cases) of WIMEK researchers in the past six years
  • Reflect on these research approaches (e.g. co-creation, living labs, citizen science, involvement of partners) from the perspective of current inter and transdisciplinary theory
  • Exchange information and experiences (including practical do’s and don’ts) within Wageningen University by organising lecture series, workshops, seminars, etc.
  • Showcase standard methodologies across a range of media (oral and written: articles, reports, videos etc)
  • Advise WIMEK on how to build a sustainable knowledge hub on inter- and transdisciplinary theory and methods that can strengthen, embed and further develop transdisciplinary research approaches into the future.
  • Develop an inspiring PhD course or training on transdisciplinary research and to develop ways for staff to be trained as well
  • Reflect on these approaches and experiences, and publish the results in international peer reviewed journals