Postdoc: Synthesis on the role of Nature for Human Wellbeing in the Kilimanjaro Social-Ecological System


University of Bern


Sunday, October 15, 2023

Start Date

Friday, December 1, 2023

The advertised position is part of the research project "The role of Nature for Human Wellbeing in the Kilimanjaro Social-Ecological System”. In the interface between natural and social sciences, the project aims to improve understanding of major components of the social-ecological system at Mount Kilimanjaro under land-use, climate, and governance change. This will be achieved by assessing the relationships between multiple components of biodiversity, Nature's contributions to people (NCPs), human well-being, societal developments, major stakeholder groups and their governance.

In the synthesis subproject “Kilimanjaro as an integrated Social-Ecological System” we integrate the information gained across the project to address synergies and trade-offs between components of biodiversity, NCPs, and multiple constituents of well-being of major stakeholders, to address the natural and social drivers of social-ecological relations at the landscape scale, and to identify opportunities for future decision-making.

For this synthesis work, we seek a postdoctoral researcher who will lead innovative synthesis approaches particularly at the landscape scale. For example, the researcher may upscale existing plot-level data to the landscape scale or model how land-use change and conservation policies may affect stakeholder-specific NCP supply. The research will be in close alliance with researchers at multiple institutions in Switzerland, Germany, and Tanzania.

For this highly collaborative work, we seek a person with quantitative and spatial skills and an understanding for social-ecological data sets. Specifically, we search for a person with the following skills:

  • PhD in Ecology, Environmental Geography, Environmental Sciences, or Biology
  • Excellent knowledge of at least two of the following: biodiversity, land system science, ­land management, remote sensing, spatial modelling, ecosystem services, NCPs
  • Fluency in R and an understanding of advanced statistical techniques
  • Competency in spatial data analyses
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English
  • Capacity to collaborate effectively within a large and diverse team of researchers
  • An ambition and capacity to publish high impact science
  • Experience in upscaling or the use of remotely sensed data is advantageous