Postdoc in satellite remote sensing and land-use modeling of grassland management in Europe


University of Copenhagen


Sunday, March 26, 2023

Start Date

Thursday, June 1, 2023

This position is linked to an international project, “ALPMEMA – Alpine Mountain Hay Meadows Management: Best practices to maintain their Favorable Conservation Status against underuse under different property right regimes.” Short description of the project

The postdoc will support the research team with the analysis of grassland land-use intensity with the aid of satellite imagery (Landsat, Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, PlanetScope) across study areas in Austria, Armenia, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

Your job
You will work on the development of approaches to monitor land management regimes in Nordic countries across the Alps and the Caucasus. You will work with Landsat, Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and PlanetScope products. Jointly with colleagues from remote-sensing R&D company DHI you will work on the scalability and transferability of developed approaches across study sites and implementing remote sensing solutions in the cloud. In close collaboration with the working package leader on satellite remote sensing (Alexander Prishchepov), you will develop grassland management maps and indicators of different land regimes in grassland ecosystems. Jointly with the project partners, you have full capacity to conduct supporting fieldwork across selected study sites in studied countries. You will continue developing your research portfolio and professional growth, including publishing the results in international peer-reviewed journals, attending joint events and professional conferences, and being linked with the science, policymakers, and research and development company. The ALPMEMA project provides a great opportunity for collaboration with international partners and involvement in other research areas according to your interests. Being affiliated with the “Environment and Society in the Global South” research group at the University of Copenhagen gives another excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, a fruitful environment, being engaged in various professional activities, planning your career ahead, and also keeping good work-personal life balance. Postdoc also has the capacity to develop and deepen teaching skills relevant to extending professional skills, soft skills on project management, and other relevant skills to succeed in the professional career.

From GLP Member Alexander Prishchepov, leader of the Danish team: "Nice project, working conditions, work and life balance, field visits, possibilities professionally to grow."