Postdoc Political Science, Political Economy of Biodiversity Financing


Lund University


Saturday, December 31, 2022

Start Date

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Project description
The postdoctoral position will be part of the 4-year Mistra Biopath research program ( Mistra Biopath is a research program with a vision that the generated knowledge and innovations in are widely integrated into decision-making in industry and the financial system, thereby contributing to a transformative change that has turned the financial system into an important driver for halting and reversing the loss of biodiversity. Its research focuses on land-use change and management intensity related to agriculture, forestry, and energy, because land-use is the largest drivers of terrestrial biodiversity loss. In the corresponding work package of this position, the project will critically assess existing governance solutions and analyse the institutional and policy implications of potential transition pathways. The work package is coordinated by Lena Gipperth (Department of Law, Gothenburg University) and Nils Droste (Department of Political Science, Lund University).  

Main responsibilities 
The main responsibility for the postdoctoral fellow is to map and systematize the governance framework of the financial system in Sweden in relation to current multilevel governance frameworks to identify trends, gaps, and potential solutions. The analyses include the landscape of actors, as well as policy instruments, values, and practices that are driving or hindering the finance sector to hedge against biodiversity loss and to invest in restoration of habitats and species. The potential and limitations of purely private approaches shall be considered and the need to complement and steer with public policy is to be assessed. From there, the idea is to initiate pilot policy labs in collaboration with partners from private and public sectors, to explore and innovate potential solutions. 

Qualification requirements
Postdoctoral positions are appointed primarily for purposes of research. Applicants are expected to hold a Swedish doctoral degree or an equivalent degree from another country.