Post-doc scientific researcher for ecosystem-climate interactions


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


Monday, March 18, 2024

Start Date

Monday, April 1, 2024

The Chair for Physical Geography and Land Use Systems (Prof. Julia Pongratz) at LMU’s Department of Geography investigates the interactions between ecosystems and climate, and how these are altered by the anthropogenic use of land. Our group develops and applies the latest generation of land-use emission, vegetation and Earth system models and integrates them with observations. Key research questions are the fate of ecosystems under the pressures of land-use and climate change, Earth system feedbacks via energy, water and biogeochemical cycles, and the role of vegetation and soils for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and CO2 removals in support of the Paris Agreement. The team is strongly involved in large national and international collaborations such as the Global Carbon Project, CMIP, IPCC, CDRterra and several Horizon Europe projects.

The scientific researcher is expected to conduct innovative research. Possible research topics include own model simulations and integration with Earth observations to understand the ecosystem response to future land-use change and assess feedbacks with the changing climate; further developments in our land-use emission model BLUE towards a terrestrial carbon cycle model; and contribution to an interdisciplinary assessment of carbon dioxide removal methods. It is not necessary (or expected) that the applicant works on all these topics. Instead, it is intended that one of them should become a main focus area for the applicant; priorities will depend on the interests of the applicant, the development of the research field and success in related research proposals by the working group.