PhD student: Sustainable sourcing policies for biodiversity protection, climate mitigation, and improved livelihoods in the cocoa sector


ETH Zürich


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Start Date

Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Environmental Policy Lab and Sustainable Agroecosystems Group at ETH Zürich invite applications for 1 PhD student, 3+ years, for a large interdisciplinary project titled: SUSTAIN-COCOA: Sustainable sourcing policies for biodiversity protection, climate mitigation, and improved livelihoods in the cocoa sector (please see: The new PhD student will contribute to understanding the impacts of forest-focused supply chain policies and agroforestry adoption on farmer wellbeing and climate resilience in Ghana and Ivory Coast with a focus on cocoa producing farms. At ETH the student will be advised by Prof. Rachael D. Garrett and Prof. Johan Six. The PhD student would focus on quantifying the impacts of supply chain policies and shade-tree cover on farm-level biodiversity, carbon storage, food production, income, and climate resilience through household interviews and field measurements across Ghana and the Ivory Coast. The student would be working in coordination with another PhD student conducting complementary fieldwork, as well as other team members.