Phd Position (f/m/x) Impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy on Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and people


UFZ Helmholtz


Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Start Date

Monday, August 1, 2022

Your tasks:

The successful candidate will a) expand an existing literature database on the CAP performance, b) analyse the impacts of the CAP on biodiversity, and c) assess its impacts on equity and other measures of wellbeing. Possibly we will evaluate responses to policy changes and shocks, as well as measures of farm resilience. The work links to ongoing efforts to harvest and harmonize data, both in Germany and across the EU, to improve traceability of CAP instruments in terms of their impacts and performance. 
Key tasks will be to collate and harmonize data-sources regarding land-use and management, farm employment and economy, and selected biodiversity data pending permission from data owners. Sources will include EC reports, FAOSTAT and Eurostat; Destatis and ministry data; IACS (InVeKos) and FADN data for selected regions; databases generated through sDiv efforts; and monitoring networks for selected taxa.

Your profile:

  • M.Sc. in a related research discipline (e.g. ecology, geography, environmental science)
  • Experience in working with spatial and/or temporal databases and/or monitoring data
  • Strong statistical skills, and demonstrated experience with statistical programming languages (e.g. R) and methods (e.g. GLMM, GAM). 
  • Experience with geographical data and analyses (using GIS software)
  • Interest in nature conservation and in European policies, especially the Common Agricultural Policy, Habitats Directive and the Green Deal (beneficial but not essential). 
  • Experience in working within an interdisciplinary context, including the handling and understanding of both ecological and socioeconomic concepts and data (highly beneficial).
  • Capacity to work and think independently, develop and implement own ideas, and persistence in completing tasks.
  • Interest and experience in teamwork, and the capacity to communicate with various people and stakeholder groups from various EU member states, is highly beneficial.
  • High proficiency in English (both written and verbal) and experience with scientific writing.

We are aware that not all expertise enlisted above can be met fully. We therefore invite interested candidates to contact us for further information.