PhD fellowship: Natural habitat change detection with Sentinel-1&2 remote sensing for biodiversity monitoring


Université catholique de Louvain


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Start Date

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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In the context of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium for biodiversity and ecosystems (Lifewatch), an interdisciplinary team coordinated by UCL in partnership with ULg (biodiversity and landscape unit) provides tailor-made geographic database of the natural habitats in order 1) to contribute to biodiversity information in Wallonia and 2) to reinforce the excellence of European biodiversity research.

Sentinel-2 satellites have been launched since June 2015 that provides unprecedented multispectral time series for land monitoring. Since 2016 Sentinel-1 satellites record every 3 days the whole Europe with active sensors at 12 m resolution. As part of the UCL team, the researcher will be involved in the methodological developments to produce up-to-date geographical information on the natural habitat in close interaction with the Walloon administration and the ULg biodiversity research team. The research will also focus on the detection of different types of habitat changes. In addition, he/she will study the feasibility of the integration of citizen science and other data sources to improve the final products.

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