Non-tenured Assistant professor/postdoc in land-use behavior and geoinformatics


University of Copenhagen


Thursday, April 27, 2023

Start Date

Thursday, June 1, 2023

This position is embedded in the EU-funded project ‘Towards Sustainable Land-use Strategies in the Context of Climate Change and Biodiversity Challenges in Europe (EUROPE-LAND)’ with the specific aim to foster a wide understanding of the key motivations and drivers behind land-use related decisions in Europe.

The successful candidate will work closely with a core project team consisting of assoc. prof. Martin Rudbeck Jepsen at the Geography Section, UCPH, prof. Daniel Müller and Dr. Zhanli Sun from IAMO, DE, and assoc. prof. Anton Stahl Olafsson, UCPH. The team will use the EU Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) to reveal agricultural land use behavior and combine the IACS with the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) to spatialize IACS.The successful candidate will work on this large spatial dataset to analyze farmer behavior and land use changes as revealed by the IACS/LIPS dataset. The work will take place in close collaboration with IAMO, and includes:

  • Collecting and harmonizing available IACS/LPIS data from all EU member states to create a geodatabase of IACS data harmonized by crop/subsidy codes.
  • Categorization of the land-use behavior revealed by the IACS data at farm level into archetypical behavioral types, and mapping those for the entire EU with self-organizing maps and/or other machine-learning methods (Levers et al. 2018).

The candidate will be responsible for obtaining reliable time series of IACS where possible and analyze subtle land use changes and larger land use transitions. The output of this work will feed into land change models developed in the EU project. Finally, the candidate will work with partners at Bialystok Technical University to compile a geodatabase of wetlands in the EU and intersect this with the IACS database to identify agriculturally managed wetlands.

Interactions with other teams of the EU-project are expected, including contributions to their work throughout the employment. The candidate should be willing to take part in 1-2 project workshops across Europe per year.