Inaugural Director of a New Center for Geospatial Analytics


Clark University


Monday, November 1, 2021

Start Date

Friday, July 1, 2022

Clark University invites applications and nominations for an Inaugural Director of a new center for geospatial analytics(the “Center”) that builds on and expands the pioneering work of Clark Labs. Clark seeks a visionary builder, entrepreneurial leader, and accomplished scholar to serve as the inaugural director to launch the newly conceived Center. Clark Labs is an historic leader in the field of GIScience that has always followed Clark’s distinctive mission-driven approach. Since its inception, Clark Labs has developed and applied GIS software and technology to analyze critical questions regarding social and environmental change, for the benefit of society. Clark Labs and the Graduate School of Geography have played key leadership roles in the field of GIScience since the 1980s, including the development of original GIS software, IDRISI/TerrSet. Clark University is unique as a liberal arts/research university with a world-renowned Geography program that has produced its own enterprise software through Clark Labs.