Funded PhD opportunities with real-world impact at Gund Institute


The University of Vermont


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Start Date

Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Gund Institute for Environment at The University of Vermont seeks outstanding PhD applicants interested in conducting interdisciplinary research on urgent global environmental issues.

Students at the Gund get a deep understanding of complex global issues, hands-on training in interdisciplinary research and problem-solving with world-class scholars, and real-world experience collaborating with government and business.

Gund PhD Research Assistantships

  • Gund Research Assistantships support PhD scholarship across four global research themes.
  • Students receive up to four years of funding at $32,000 per year, tuition and health insurance.
  • Learn more about Gund Research Assistantships

Gund Barrett PhD Assistantships

  • Gund Barrett Assistantships enable PhD students to collaborate on urgent issues in engineering and the environment.
  • Students receive up to four years of funding, including an annual $35,000 stipend, tuition, and health insurance.
  • Learn more about Gund Barrett Research Assistantships.

Leadership for the Ecozoic

  • These PhD students seek mutually-enhancing human-Earth relationships in a global research-to-action partnership between UVM and McGill University.
  • Students receive three years of funding, including annual $27,000 stipend, tuition, health insurance, and internship.
  • Learn more about Leadership for the Ecozoic.