Five Assistant Professor positions in restoring and conserving global biodiversity


University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Monday, November 30, 2020

Start Date

Thursday, July 1, 2021


Advancing UBC’s capacity in interdisciplinary, policy-oriented biodiversity and conservation research.

UBC’s Biodiversity Solutions cluster hiring initiative builds on the university’s position as a global leader in ecological and environmental research. Launching in Fall 2020, the initiative is designed to broaden collaborative opportunities across and beyond UBC for globally important, policy-relevant biodiversity and conservation research and partnerships. Spearheaded by UBC Science, the new hires will join an existing team from the faculties of Arts, Land and Food Systems, Forestry, and the Sauder School of Business.

Biodiversity loss is occurring at unprecedented rates—with common species currently declining and 25% of species threatened with extinction. We depend on biodiversity for many basic needs; however, the importance of biodiversity to human health and well-being rarely drives decision-making.

UBC is seeking five exceptional individuals to join this interdisciplinary team dedicated to solutions-oriented research on the pressing problem of biodiversity loss, its economic and social impacts, and connections to sustainability and adaptive capacity for humanity. Collaborative researchers and emerging leaders from all backgrounds and perspectives who share its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion are encouraged to apply.

This hiring initiative offers a unique opportunity for scientists with a wide variety of backgrounds, including biodiversity, business, conservation science, ecology, economics, environmental science, evolutionary biology, environmental social science, and environmental policy, to join a fantastic collaborative research community at UBC.


The cluster aims to:

  • Protect and restore the adaptive capacity of biodiversity and its connection to ecosystem functioning and human well-being.
  • Engage a diverse range of communities and institutions in socially just and effective biodiversity conservation.
  • Explore biodiversity’s connections to sustainable land and ocean management.
  • Develop and support the implementation of equitable and effective policies, business models and governance systems to improve restoration and conservation of biodiversity.

Various application deadlines in November and December 2020, anticipated start date in July 2021.