Consultancy for Global Land Outlook editor/author




Friday, November 1, 2019

Start Date

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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Under the overall supervision of the coordinator of the External Relations, Policy and Advocacy (ERPA) unit of the UNCCD and the direct supervision of an assigned Officer who will act as co-author and co-editor, the consultant will co-author and co-edit GLO2.

This involves ongoing consultations with the UNCCD staff, the GLO2 steering committee and other contributors to finalize the outline, set the tone (look and feel), and develop the content for GLO2. An indicative timeline of tasks to be completed by the consultant is as follows:

Jan-Mar 2020: Undertake a comprehensive review and compile meta-analysis of the recent literature and evidence on land restoration (e.g., biophysical potential, costs/benefits, enabling factors) to 1) produce a comprehensive annotated outline with primary references, 2) identify gaps and the need for additional information and accordingly draft terms of refence for GLO2 working papers and other research assistance, and 3) elaborate several options in terms of styles for the key messages, body text, case studies, conclusions/recommendations and overall graphic direction and layout of GLO2. These deliverables will be discussed at the Steering Committee meeting in April 2020.

Apr-Oct 2020: 1) Coordinate and oversee the drafting of working papers and other research assistance; 2) Draft preliminary key messages, body text, case studies and the development of ideas for graphics and photos; and 3) Produce a first draft of GLO2 for review at Steering Committee meeting in November 2020.

Nov-Jan 2021: 1) Compile a list of external experts to be invited to review the second draft; and 2) Based on internal comments, revise, refine and produce a second draft for external review and consultation (six weeks duration) by outside experts and UNCCD stakeholders (e.g., SPI, Parties, CSOs, private sector, etc.) in Feb-Mar 2021.

Mar-Jun 2021: 1) Based on external comments, revise, refine and produce a final draft for approval by the UNCCD Science Policy Interface (SPI); and 2) Make further revisions as needed to produce the final deliverable.