Associate Professor in Urban and Regional Development


University of Copenhagen


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Start Date

Monday, February 1, 2021

The Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, invites applications for an associate professor in urban and regional development starting 1 February 2021 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The position aims at strengthening research in urbanisation and regional development with a focus on spatial socio-economic change and restructuring of labour and industry. Moreover, the successful candidate will sustain and further develop the research group’s quantitative methodologies analysing urbanisation and regional development in a Global North context. The research should be strongly embedded in theory informed empirical analyses and have documented expertise in statistical modelling using and analysing register data, survey data or similar databases. Moreover, to be a successful applicant the candidate should be experienced in two or more of the following fields:

  • Urbanization and regional development processes
  • Urban and regional socio-economic change and inequalities
  • Spatial restructuring of labour and industry

As associate professor you are expected to have an internationally recognized and competitive research profile demonstrated through significant publications and international collaboration. You should have clear visions and plans for scientific development as well as considerable experience in obtaining and managing research grants. You are required to have university level teaching experience, documented teaching competencies and must be able to explain and reflect upon own teaching practice and portfolio. Formal pedagogical training or supervision equivalent to the University of Copenhagen teacher training programme for assistant professors is required. Experience with research communication to relevant stakeholders is also important. We are looking for a candidate with significant collaborative skills and a strong desire and ability to enter into interdisciplinary collaborations as well as strong skills in research management with a particular focus on mentoring early career researchers.

Once employed at our department, we expect that you are creative and able to demonstrate innovative approaches to your own research that will generate high impact and senior authored publications as well as popular science communication. You should build strong scientific networks and initiate and lead research applications and projects with national and international collaboration involving diverse stakeholders. You will teach and supervise at BSc, MSc and PhD level and continuously develop your teaching by linking research and its applications into the curriculum. You will also contribute to the development and execution of continued education programmes for non-university partners in government, civil society and the private sector. Further you must contribute constructively to implementation of department strategies, wellbeing and collaboration at the department, take part in department forums, committees and working groups and initiate and take part in scientific and social events.