Assistant Professor in spatial transformation of food systems


ITC/University of Twente


Sunday, November 1, 2020

Start Date

Monday, January 4, 2021


We are looking for an Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) with experience in utilising spatial information science to assess the transformational and adaptive capacity of people and systems for sustainable and resilient food provision.

You will develop high-quality research and educational methods to addresses the challenge of modelling, measuring and monitoring the resilience of food systems in a spatially explicit manner. You will use remote sensing data and geographic information science approaches to address this challenge within the context of a sustainable environment and food security. You will develop and use methods that assess food system resilience and sustainability under shocks (climate, economic, epidemics etc). The geographic focus will cover both developing countries and the European Union, especially in the context of the Green Deal and policies related to food systems and biodiversity.

You are excited to work in an international team with project activities around the world. You combine a drive for scientific quality and rigour with making a difference in global environmental issues. You enjoy collaborating to develop high-quality research outputs that demonstrate the societal impact of spatial science. You embrace Open Science. You have a passion for education and can teach topics such as the theory and practice of agent-based modelling for natural resource management and building resilience in food systems. You are a dedicated supervisor for MSc students and PhD candidates.

This position is embedded in the ‘Designing Systems for Informed Resilience Engineering’ (DeSIRE) program, an extensive capacity building program, set-up by the 4TU Centre Resilience Engineering []. Within this program 16 new tenure track positions have been created at 13 faculties across the four technical universities of the Netherlands. This visionary 4TU umbrella program on resilience aims to conduct excellent research of societal value and set-up and supply to educational programs in the emerging field of Resilience Engineering. You will be working in a team of top scientists within 4TU, benefiting from the opportunity to work on concrete resilience challenges within our broad network of partners in policy and practice. We foster interdisciplinary collaboration between the 16 tenure trackers, associated scientific staff and public and private partners. All will be actively involved in the scientific, educational and valorisation activities of the DeSIRE program and the 4TU-Centre Resilience Engineering. It offers prospective applicants excellent opportunities to extend their networks with academic and societal partners.

For more information about DeSIRE, including all 16 Tenure Track positions, see: