Assistant Professor in big data science for natural resources


University of Twente


Sunday, November 1, 2020

Start Date

Monday, January 4, 2021


You will develop high-quality research and educational methods and outputs focusing on the handling, processing and upscaling of large volumes of spatial and temporal information. This information comes from diverse sources including lab, field, remote sensing and online data harvesting. You will work at regional, continental and global levels to monitor natural and agricultural systems. You have expertise in Artificial Intelligence approaches for mining data and are comfortable developing large database applications for forest and (semi-) natural area ecosystem structure & ecosystem function, estimating above ground biomass & carbon density, and deriving crop productivity parameters.

You will contribute to research on big data applications in natural resources management (using both structured and unstructured data), to grant/project acquisition, and to project deliverables related to the department’s research themes and geographic focus areas. You will be our point of contact with ITC's Centre of Expertise in Big Geodata Science. You will teach and further develop MSc courses, given in face to face and distance learning modes.

You are excited to work in an international team with project activities around the world. You combine a drive for scientific quality and rigour with making a difference in global environmental issues. You enjoy collaborating to develop high-quality research outputs that demonstrate the societal impact of big data science. You embrace Open Science. You have a passion for education and can teach topics such as the theory and practice of big data and advanced computer processing algorithms. You are exited to develop applications for accessing and processing of large data for natural resource management. You are a dedicated supervisor for MSc and PhD students.