Working Group Meet & Greet: Land systems’ insights from the pandemic and lock down

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 - 4:00pm
Online, Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)
Related GLP Member: Esteban Jobbagy, María Piquer-Rodríguez, Lucia Zarba

To get to know each other and expand our networks, the SELS-LA WG is holding a special virtual meeting on June 16th. The Meet & Greet is an event where you are the starring actor. Get ready to share your opinions and talk among peers about land science, SELS, projects, crazy hypotheses, anything. The idea is to promote interactions among members and exchange thoughts beyond our everyday research, through a mix of break-out rooms and plenary sessions. In this opportunity the topic will be Land systems' insights from the pandemic and lock down and will be moderated by Dr. Esteban Jobbagy.

We leave you a few warm up questions to get you started (no need to answer them here):

  1. The pandemic has been a unique global perturbation. How can we use it as an “experimental” opportunity to learn more about how Land Systems work?
  2. In an opposite direction, what has Land System Science to say about the start, spread and impact of COVID? As a community are we interested/ready to fit into the “One Health” umbrella? 
  3.  How has the COVID crisis changed the way in which we work as a scientist? Are there any lessons gained? Are gender, region, age gaps narrowing or growing?