PAGES' 7th Open Science Meeting (OSM)

Wednesday, May 21, 2025 (All day) to Saturday, May 24, 2025 (All day)
Shanghai, China

PAGES' Open Science Meetings (OSM) and Young Science Meetings (YSM) are held every four years. They are designed to encourage interaction between scientists from all career levels, disciplines and regions.

In 2025, the OSM and YSM will be held in Shanghai, China and online.

The 7th PAGES OSM will take place from 21–24 May 2025.
the 5th PAGES YSM will take place from 19–20 May 2025.

The 7th OSM and 5th YSM meetings will focus on “The Earth System Changes from the Past towards the Future”. This conference aims to promote interdisciplinary scientific exchange and international collaboration, and to strengthen the connections between PAGES communities.

By integrating various spheres of the Earth's system, this conference will illustrate the changes in the key components of the Earth's surface system (air, water, ice, land, life, society, etc.) across timescales, with the ultimate goal of improving predictions for future climate and environment.