Livestock Methane: Identifying gaps to advance meaningful solutions

Thursday, July 13, 2023 - 2:00pm
Online, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+0)

The Global Methane Pledge commits signatories (now ~150 countries) to tackle agricultural methane “through technology innovation as well as incentives and partnerships with farmers.” Livestock is the leading source of agricultural methane. Will further intensification of livestock that results in the incentivization (in the global North) and expansion (in the global South) of the factory farm system solve livestock’s methane problem? This system of production is widely documented to result in numerous negative environmental and social impacts. Without holistically addressing livestock’s methane, mitigation measures are more likely to create more social and environmental problems and resistance than to lead to meaningful solutions.

This webinar aims to advance the discussion on the future of livestock and methane emissions. We will discuss the science and on-the-ground considerations related to livestock production and the gaps that need to be addressed to advance lasting solutions to livestock’s methane problem.