GLP session with Future Earth and ILC at World Bank conference: Contribution of Knowledge-Action Networks to Land Governance

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 -
10:30am to 12:00pm
World Bank, Washington, DC, Room MC 7-100
Related GLP Member: Ariane de Bremond, Isabelle Providoli, Albrecht Ehrensperger, Peter Messerli

Land is a central nexus for sustainable development. Actors throughout the land sector are seeking to link critical policy debates with science in support of evidenced-based decision-making for sustainability.

  • How can actors from research, policymaking and land governance work together towards sustainable development?
  • What is required for the co-creation of multi-stakeholder science–policy platforms?
  • What concrete actions are needed and to what ongoing processes can they connect?

Join us for a lively set of presentations and a subsequent discussion enriched by your participation.

Establishing a Science-Policy Interface for Sustainable Land Systems: an Initiative of Future Earth’s Global Land Programme (GLP)
Ariane de Bremond, Isabelle Providoli,  Albrecht  Ehrensperger and Peter Messerli  University of Bern, Centre for Development & Environment (, Global Land Programme (

Future Earth and the Science-Policy Nexus: Co-designing a Solutions-Oriented Science for Global Sustainable Development
Sandrine Paillard and Jon Padgham  Future Earth (

Rethinking the Science-Policy Nexus in the Land Sector:
Promoting People Centred Land Governance and Monitoring
Ward Anseeuw and Michael Taylor  CIRAD (, International Land Coalition (

Chair: Prof. Peter Messerli, University of Bern, Switzerland