GLP Event: Land Systems and the Pandemic — Learning from Global Shocks

Thursday, November 11, 2021 -
4:00pm to 7:00pm
Online, Central European Time (UTC+1)

The COVID-19 Pandemic has spread nearly throughout the globe, disrupting over the course of two years human life and livelihoods, communities, economies, and countries in myriad ways. As land system scientists, we can take this “experiment of opportunity” to improve understanding of the land systems we study by asking questions such as: How have the shocks in multiple dimensions (e.g., to the economic, environmental, socio-ecological systems, as well as to human health and demographics) arising from the Pandemic affected and will likely affect our land system of interest? How can we detect and evaluate the impacts of the Pandemic shocks on land systems? What frameworks do we need to evaluate these impacts? What is the variety of direct, indirect, and spill over/follow-on effects of Pandemic controls on land systems?

As a community effort to engage these and related questions, we invite your active participation in a special online event co-hosted by three GLP Working Groups. The event will be a combination of brief talks and focused discussion. We seek to gather a kaleidoscope of perspectives, insights, and actual experiences in specific land systems. Thus, as part of your active participation in the event, we are asking you to contribute a “micro-poster” that answers these two questions:

Q1. How has the pandemic already affected or is likely to affect the land system you are studying?

Q2. What frameworks, tools, and approaches could you deploy to better detect and evaluate ongoing and future changes that could be attributed to the Pandemic?

To participate, please download the full event description with micro-poster guidelines.

Deadline for the micro-posters is 3 November.

PDF icon Download the full event description and details on submitting a micro-poster