Final dissemination event: Spaces beyond our cities: health for humans, wealth for nature

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 (All day)
Online and in Brussels, Belgium
Related GLP Member: Marcin Spyra, Christine Fürst

Peri-urban landscapes are located at peripheral locations of cities, often beyond their administrative boundaries. Build-up areas, such as new housing estates, leisure and industrial areas, communal infrastructure as well as valuable peri-urban open spaces, such as green spaces, brownfields or agricultural fields, can also be found here. 

Due to increasing urbanisation and investments beyond the city boundaries, these peri-urban open spaces are decreasing. With the decrease, the natural heritage of these open spaces and thus biodiversity, climate and air quality regulation as well as recreation services are lost. 

The aim of INTERREG Europe's RENATUR project is to draw attention to the importance of peri-urban open spaces and their natural heritage in order to preserve it. For this purpose, model regions were selected, which have a great interest in the promotion and protection of the natural heritage of the peri-urban open spaces in planning practice.

"Spaces beyond our cities: health for humans, wealth for nature" is the topic for the project's final dissemination event. It will conclude three years of interregional exchange, learning, and co-creation. Participants will be seeing movies of the project's actions – how they were designed and implemented – and get the chance to discuss with the project's partners about their good practices, challenges, and solutions on policy improvements to protect peri-urban open spaces.