2021 IASC Forest Commons Virtual Conference

Monday, September 13, 2021 (All day) to Friday, September 17, 2021 (All day)
Online, Arizona State University (UTC-7)

We are pleased to announce our call for individual presentations, special sessions, and webinar panel discussions on forest commons, broadly conceived. The conference will include live and pre-recorded talks as well as other types of contributions.

As one of a series of virtual conferences organized by the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC), this virtual conference aims to broaden a dialogue between traditional commons scholars, practitioners and researchers from the IASC and related global change research communities, regional research networks and organizations working with Indigenous Peoples and local communities. These include but are not limited to the Global Land Programme, the International Forestry Resources, and Institutions among others.

Aim & Scope

This conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners on forests as a commons. We will cover traditional dimensions of forest commons such as community managed forest systems as well as other forms of forest systems governance. Participants working on protected forests, forest ecosystem services, self-governance and polycentric forest governance are encouraged to contribute to the conference. The week will be shared with an additional virtual conference on land commons, given the interconnection of the two topics.


  1. Community Forest Management, Taking Stock and Future Paths
  2. Forest Commons, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  3. Forest Governance, Institutions and Polycentricity
  4. Forests, Protected Areas and Fortress Conservation
  5. The Role(s) of Leadership in Forest Commons
  6. Formalization of Property Rights and its Effect on Cooperative Behavior
  7. Forest Commons Grabbing and Privatization
  8. Tele-Coupled and Long Distance Impacts on Forest Commons
  9. Community Forest Management, Taking Stock and Future Paths
  10. Forest Commons and Deforestation
  11. Politics of Forest Commons, REDD+ and Fortress Conservation
  12. The Emergence of Local Institutions for Forest Governance Inequalities and Community-based Forest Governance