Telecoupling Research Towards Sustainable Transformation of Land Systems

In this blog post, Dr. Janina Grabs and PhD candidate Sam Levy share some first insights from their work on the effectiveness of zero deforestation commitments (ZDCs) in the Brazilian Amazon’s cattle sector and the Indonesian palm oil sector. The blog post summarises their work as presented in a webinar hosted by the GLP Telecoupling Research Working Group in December 2020.

In this blog post, the authors introduce two new models, the TeleABM and the FLUTE, that are designed to study telecoupled land-use change but using different modelling approaches. Both models use soybean, one of the most traded commodities in the world, as an exemplary case to illustrate the ways in which they tackle the challenges of cross-scalar dynamics. The post reports on a joint webinar hosted by the GLP Working Group on Telecoupling Research held in September 2020 and featuring presentations by the three first authors.

This post summarizes the insights from the GLP Telecoupling Working Group's second webinar, which featured featuring working group member Sébastien Boillat and COUPLED PhD students Joel Persson and Siyu Qin. The post also discusses the importance of looking at conservation through a telecoupling lens.