OSM 2019

In this blog post, GLP Fellow Dennis Ojima argues the GLP needs to reengage with the ecological community to address the critical issues land systems face today. Due to the lack of ecological perspectives in the current construct of the GLP Science Plan, GLP research will only partially address changes in the land system and the pathway toward managing for these changes.

This post continues our series on OSM 2019 interactive and immersive sessions and provides an overview of session 360N at the conference, where organizers took the opportunity to convene an open, in-person community discussion on the state of the art, open challenges, and ways forward for SES models in LSS. 

This blog post by GLP Member Christine Ornetsmüller summarizes three practical top tips that emerged as a collective result from the immersive workshop session 355N Co-production of knowledge in landscape restoration at the Open Science Meeting of GLP in 2019.

Related Working Group(s): Co-Production of Sustainable Land Systems

The third in our series on OSM 2019 interactive and immersive sessions, this post provides an overview of session 250N at the conference, where presenters considered whether the dominance of the perfectly rational "homo economicus" in land systems science has become a hindrance to advancing theory.

At the seventh session of the Intergovernmental Platform of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) plenary in Paris in May 2019, delegates of the member states approved the Global Assessment report and its summary for policymakers. Here GLP Members Ralf Seppelt and Josef Settele provide a very brief overview of the results, explain the unique facets of IPBES, and elaborate how the GLP community could contribute to that process in the future.

The second in our series on OSM 2019 interactive and immersive sessions, this post provides an overview of session 150N at the conference, where an enthusiastic group of researchers met to discuss some of the remaining and eventually persistent challenges in scenario development related to “scales” and “stakeholder buy-in”.

The new Global Dryland Ecosystem Program (Global-DEP) aims to develop an actionable research agenda to support sustainable dryland social-ecological systems that advance ecosystem management and sustainable livelihoods in the context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). GLP Fellow Dennis Ojima is a member of the Interim Scientific Committee for Global-DEP, and he chaired an interactive session at the OSM 2019 to capture research and engagement directions from the GLP community, to foster collaborative activities with groups from other regions of the world, and to coordinate on-going research efforts within the GLP network to address dryland system concerns.

We hope you enjoyed the 2019 GLP Open Science Meeting in April in Bern as much as we did. Now that the dust has settled, and we all have had some time to digest all of the debates and discussions, we decided to revisit the conference through a series of blog posts.

Former Reuters Correspondent and Editor Jeremy Gaunt blogged live from the 4th Open Science Meeting in Bern, Switzerland, in April 2019.