Nodal Offices

Within the GLP community the Nodal offices have allocated resources to contribute to the objectives of the GLP with either a regional or thematic focus or combination of these. They aim to organize the GLP community within a region or specific focus area and organize networking, synthesis or agenda setting activities within their region or thematic area that go beyond the activities of regular (collaborative) research projects. 


Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS
Coordinator: Jinwei Dong

Focus on: Land use and ecosystem interactions.

European Land-use Institute (ELI)
Coordinator: Christine Fürst
Coordinator: Marcin Spyra

Focus on: land management, land use planning and land use policies.

Focus on: vulnerability, resilience and sustainability of land systems.

Instituto de Ecología Regional (IER)
Coordinator: Nestor Ignacio ...

Focus on: Latin American land use change in relation to globalization; environmental services in land use frontiers and transitional zone; land use efficie

Focus on: Research at the Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC) of The Cyprus Institute is focused on: Climate change and impacts, mitigation adaptation strategies; renewable energies and energy efficiency in the built environment, environmental monitoring and observations; water scarcity and the management of water and natural resources, sustainable development.

Center for Global Change and Earth Observations (CGCEO)
Coordinator: Emilio Moran
Coordinator: Jiaguo Qi
National Taiwan University (NTU)
Coordinator: Yu-Pin Lin

Focus on: Nature of social-ecological linkages and their implications for the resilience of land systems at various scales.

Scientific and Innovation Pole
Coordinator: Konaté Souleymane

Focus on: Research and training on land systems and related discipline (Climate Change, Biodiversity, and landscape ecology) at the national and regional levels, on behalf of the GLP and Future Earth.