GLP Newsletter Issue No. 6 (March 2010)

Shifting cultivation/Forest-agriculture frontiers

Articles: Integrating Traditional and Scientific Knowledge of Forest Regeneration in Swidden Cultivation Systems of Northern Thailand for Tropical Forest Restoration; Landscapes of Poverty and Environment in Lao PDR; Farmer gone Fish’n? Swidden Decline and the Rise of Grouper Fishing on Palawan Island, the Philippines; Land-use/land-cover change in the Atlantic Rainforest (Brazil) - The historical ecology of the Quilombola shifting cultivation system; Environmental Dimensions of the Agrarian Transition in the Uplands of the Lao PDR; The Expansion of Rubber and its Implications for Water and Carbon Dynamics in Mainland Southeast Asia; What do we really know about shifting cultivation and carbon storage?

Additional articles: Global HANPP - Processes, Trajectories and Application; Linking Satellite Images with Local Attitudes - Evidence from Buffer Zone Management in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

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