GLP Newsletter Issue No. 12 (November 2015)

Perspective: A new focus for ecological restoration: management of degraded forest remnants in fragmented landscapes

Articles: Exploring the future land use-biodiversity-climate nexus in East Africa; Land-use and land-cover change in a global biodiversity conservation priority; Threats to the Southwest Australian Biodiversity Hotspot; Natural riches of Amazonia, deforestation and its consequences, Historical ecology perspectives of change at Amboseli, Kenya; Environmental change and Water Ecosystem Services in the Bolivian Amazon Lowlands; Spatio-temporal patterns of forest recovery on abandoned arable land; Land cover change and its implication for the sustainable management of West African water resources; How sustainable is the land footprint of nations?; Research into Bio-Energy Change and Sustainable Land Use in the New Millennium; Side effects of green technologies; Remote sensing applications for assessing water-related risks and its interdependencies with land cover change and biodiversity in southern Africa; Territorial approaches to enhance biodiversity in rural Europe; Global mangrove mapping; The Risk of Protection

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