SEOSAW - A Socio-Ecological Observatory for Southern African Woodlands

Project time period:
February, 2017 to January, 2020

SEOSAW fills a large gap in understanding the vegetation dynamics of tropical regions by creating a network of vegetation plots and encouraging collaboration between researchers working across southern African woodlands. These woodlands cover around 3 million km2, making them the largest savanna in the world and support the livelihoods of more than 160 million people. By monitoring woodland plots over a number of years, questions can be answered regarding woodland responses to climate change, land-atmosphere CO2 interactions, biodiversity impacts of human usage of woodlands etc. 


GLP Themes: Land-atmosphere processes, Land governance, Land change trade-offs for ecosystem services and biodiversity , Land management systems, Urban-rural interactions, Land use and conflict

GLP Methods: Consumer Preferences, Decision Making, GIS, Modelling, Past land use/historical land use reconstruction, Qualitative social science methods (interviews, observations, document review, surveys), Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, Supply and value chains, Synthesis/meta-analysis/meta-study

Principal Investigator(s)