Traditional production landscapes in the High Atlas, Morocco
Traditional production landscapes in the High Atlas, Morocco

Linking places and processes for sustainability: Social-ecological dynamics and value chains of Mediterranean landscape products (LANDSCAPE_CHAINS)

Project time period:
September, 2019 to September, 2022

In the Mediterranean region – a global hotspot of biological and food diversity and a microcosm of world sustainability challenges –  agricultural landscape change (e.g. agricultural intensification, land abandonment) is a major sustainability concern. Agricultural landscape changes– though appearing at local levels – are increasingly driven by globally interconnected markets. The complexity of these distant connections poses threats and opportunities to sustainability. Substantial knowledge gaps prevail on how to identify patterns, trade-offs and options for sustainable landscape management across different levels, issues and places. The overall objective of the proposed research is to identify leverage points in the value chains of quality landscape products (cork and edible tree crops) that support a transition to sustainable landscape management, accounting for social and ecological trade-offs across scales and users.

GLP Themes: Telecoupling of land use systems, Land change trade-offs for ecosystem services and biodiversity , Land management systems

GLP Methods: GIS, Interdisciplinary methods, Participatory methods, Qualitative social science methods (interviews, observations, document review, surveys), Supply and value chains, Synthesis/meta-analysis/meta-study

Principal Investigator(s)