Land Resources Core Project
From multi-teleconnection and coupling in Land Use Changes

Land Resources Core Project

Project time period:
August, 2016 to July, 2019

Land use/cover change (LUCC) is primarily induced by socioeconomic development (anthropogenic forces) and global climatic and environmental change (natural forces). By directly or indirectly impacting regional geophysical processes, LUCC affects atmospheric, climatic, and hydrological conditions. These conditions may cause disaster scenarios which are further aggravated by LUCC. Such destructive events can impede national sustainable management efforts when economies and citizens struggle to cope. Though Taiwan is a country devoted to sustainable management, in the last two decades it has been experiencing tremendous LUCC and increased frequency and severity of floods, droughts, and landslides. “The Land Resources Core Project”, is divided into three categories and seven sub-projects. Implemented over a three year perio, collaborated scientific efforts in policy, modeling, and the promotion of land sustainability will be integrating on a web-based sustainability platform.d



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GLP Themes: Telecoupling of land use systems, Land-atmosphere processes, Land governance, Land change trade-offs for ecosystem services and biodiversity , Land management systems, Urban-rural interactions, Land use and conflict

GLP Methods: Co-production and transdisciplinarity, Consumer Preferences, Decision Making, Decision support systems and tools, Econometrics, GIS, Integrative Assessments, Interdisciplinary methods, Modelling, Past land use/historical land use reconstruction, Qualitative social science methods (interviews, observations, document review, surveys), Social network analysis, Spatial Analysis

Principal Investigator(s)