Contributing Projects
Photo: P. Meyfroidt

Contributing Projects

Contributing research projects illustrate the broad portfolio of research activities in different scientific fields, in different geographic regions at various spatial scales taking place in the GLP community and allow GLP scientists to communicate their activities and outputs to other GLP scientists as well as to other scientific and policy communities. GLP invites members to submit those research projects which are of special relevance to the land science community and address the GLP research challenges outlined in the GLP Science Plan as ‘contributing projects’.  

How do contributing projects work?

Project leaders may display their activities, communicate outputs and network with the land science community. The ‘contributing’ status means that the webpage of the contributing project can be linked from the GLP website, and that the association with GLP is mentioned in presentations and publications. This can be done by including an acknowledgement in written publications stating “The research reported in this paper contributes to the Global Land Programme (” Please email the GLP at when including GLP in written acknowledgements so that we can be sure to publicize your work through our channels.

Apply to contribute a project

GLP members who are Principal Investigators (PI) or Co-PI of a land science project may register their projects by using button below to access an online form (the applicant needs to have registered with the GLP website). The IPO will then evaluate the proposal based on criteria of relevance to the GLP community and science plan as well as in terms of scientific excellence. In consultation with the SSC co-chairs or additional SSC members it will approve proposed projects, which will then appear here on the GLP website. The approval of the project ends with the projects’ funding period. It will then also be archived in a list of completed projects on the GLP website.

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