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The Global Land Programme’s Early Career Network (ECN) was launched in 2023 to enhance  intentional recruitment and mentorship of early career scientists by removing cultural, economic, and political barriers to participation in GLP’s programs.

In 2019, GLP introduced a grant for qualified scholars, prioritizing early career researchers from underrepresented regions, which enabled 40 participants to attend the GLP Open Science Meeting fully sponsored. Building on this, GLP started a ‘Young Speaker’ webinar series, offering a virtual platform for young researchers to showcase their work and network with both peers and more senior researchers. This initiative received widespread support within the GLP community and laid the groundwork for the establishment of a more comprehensive ECN program to be led by GLP’s early-career researchers. Following the relocation of our International Programme Office to the United States in 2023, we have further committed to lowering barriers for early career scientists from historically underrepresented U.S. communities in the field of land-cover land-change science.

Goals and Objectives

The ECN is currently steered by a coordination team comprising members from the GLP Scientific Steering Committee, the International Programme Office, and GLP early-career researchers with a wide range of expertise and skill sets in Land System Science. To work towards our goal of enhancing intentional recruitment and mentorship of early career scientists, the key responsibilities of the ECN coordination team include:

  • Organizating an “ECN Day” (or days) at all GLP Open Science Meetings.
  • Coordinating virtual events including webinars, mentoring sessions, and more.
  • Producing a quarterly ECN newsletter.
  • Representing the GLP-ECN at a minimum of one international conference annually.
  • Participating in the annual meeting of the GLP Scientific Steering Committee.

The first in-person meeting of the Early Career Network (ECN) of the Global Land Programme (GLP) is set to take place in Oaxaca during the Open Science Meeting (OSM) in November 2024. This meeting aims to create a space for early-career researchers themselves to further define the GLP ECN's role and activities, focusing on enhancing support and engagement for early-career researchers within the GLP. This gathering will provide a pivotal platform for shaping the future direction of the ECN, ensuring it effectively serves its ECR community while being well supported in this process by the GLP writ large.


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University of Barcelona, Spain and University of Pisa, Italy

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Sunday, May 19, 2024

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